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So You, natural beauty creator with skincare products that resonate with you!

As we wake up in the morning, we all come in contact with cosmetics such as toothpastes, soaps, shampoos as well as with all kinds of creams, lotions, gels, serums and for the ladies also with make-up, nail polish, hair dyes etc... As a result, it seems important not only for the sake of our skin's well-being and health but also for the sake of ecology, to provide ourselves with cosmetics products which are as natural and non- toxic as possible.


As it seemed somewhat difficult to find true and natural premium quality skincare products with a texture and fragrances that suits me, I have decided to make them on my own for my convenient use to start with.

For this to be possible, I've ended up following several professional training courses dispensed by a well-known Swiss establishment. These training courses have allowed me to make natural solid soaps, liquid soaps and skincare products. 


With time, I got excited with the idea of sharing such products with other people who would be in the same search for natural quality products as I once used to be. Decision made, after having worked in the trading industry for more than 20 years, change of course to create my brand So You and open the boutique Soap Opera to share my know-how with the general public. 


So You's aim is to offer to clients the possibility to use on a daily basis premium quality natural cosmetics :


  • That help our skin to be naturally hydrated and feel good


  • That are free from nasty preservatives and chemicals


  • Whose manufacture and use are respectful of the environment and biodiversity


  • Whose packaging is minimal and recyclable 


  • Which are not tested on animals and which do not contain animal fat


  • Which neither contain petroleum base ingredients


So You is a young company of human size who remains close and opened to the desire of its clients and whenever possible So You adapts itself to clients requests, suggestions and desires.  


So You is thankful for your confidence, support, kindness and constructive suggestions. 

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